Outdoor Umbrella

By Caroline|June 8, 2017|Waterproof Outdoor Paint|0 comments


We just moved into a new home and inherited an old patio umbrella from the previous owners.  It doesn’t match any of our own stuff. When I looked into replacing it, I discovered it’s a really good quality umbrella. We are strapped for cash after the move, so there was no way we could afford over $300 to buy a new one. So I started researching how to bring it back to life. So many blogs directed me to the wonders of your Outdoor Fabric Paint. I saw review after review with 5 stars. But I was nervous it might not work on this particular one. So I just got one can to test before taking the plunge.  Your product deserves the hype! It’s so easy to use and it does exactly what is says on the tin. I can already see how gorgeous this will be so I’m straight away ordering the 6 pack to finish and I have big plans for the old patio cushions we have too. Here are some snaps of the transformation so far. Thank you!!

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